Easts Outdoor Work & Leisure has been operating in the Gisborne region for many years.

The History Of Easts Saddlery

Easts Outdoor Work & Leisure has been operating in the Gisborne region for many years.

Easts saddlery stems from the original Jack East Stock Saddle, where our name was derived, and specialises in making stock saddles based on his original design made to handle the harsh and rugged East Coast terrain. Easts stock saddles are now used nationwide for a variety of purposes including trekking, hunting and riding for pleasure.

Easts Outdoor Work and Leisure Today

These days not only are the iconic Easts stock saddles produced in our workshop, but a full range of heavy duty saddlery equipment including Breast Plates, Bridles, Girths, Surcingles, Stirrup Leathers, Saddle Cloths, Saddle Bags and Breaking in gear as well as all your pack saddle needs.

Easts Outdoor Work and Leisure has also significantly diversified over the years to include a kiwi camping regional store, a Mi Woollies outlet store selling a full range of ugg boots and slippers, As well as being a New Zealand Post Centre.

Easts Outdoor Work and Leisure also provides much needed bush wear such as oilskins and technifleece, We also cater to our farming customers providing a full range of farming wear such as canvas leggings, gaiters and arm protecters. Knife pouches are custom made for the hunters and heavy leather rip collars are produced to protect their valuable pig dogs.

Recently we have expanded into producing custom made high quality shade sails for residential and business customers,  while also creating high quality blinds and covers for outdoor structures allowing them to be enclosed and waterproof for events that happen to be in the rain.


Easts Outdoor Work and Leisure in the Future

We are looking forward to expanding our already vast array of products and services offered in the near future so watch this space!